Monday, January 1, 2007

2007 in Review

Double Blessings! In 2007, I got a new baby sister and a new little brother! Yes, my parents adopted! And, yes, they were already Grandparents. God Bless them. So we welcomed Hope in January and Joel in July! Welcome Home my Baby Sister and Baby Brother! You've already changed our world and I love you so much!

In February we started our adoption of our 2 new babies and Praise the Lord, it was completed by Novemver and soon we'll travel to bring them home.

Our girls, Kya & Autumn, both turned 4 and are so much fun. It's been a wonderful blessing in life to watch them grow up. I love being home with them and still so thankful for this oppurtunity.

We went on a wonderful vacation in June to the beach! Then in October and November both we traveled to Guatemala to meet and spend time with our babies. December was spent at home preparing for the holidays and for the babies. It was a crazy month and we are thankful for the new year and new beginnings!