Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moments We Cherish

This day was just one of those days I cherish and always will. All the kids, all the friends, the little talks, the games....these sweethearts all lives so far away now, but they are always close in my heart. I love each of them as my own (thankfully 4 of them are my own!).

~ meeting Jake & Emma: the newest members of 'the clan' ~


Jacksonville Museum

During our August trip to Florida, we were sure to get some homeschooling in by visiting the Museum of Science & History.

~Kya absolutely did not want to enter the Planetarium Theater, but during the show she decided it was "the coolest thing EVER." And, that is why we sometimes 'make' our children do things they don't want to do. ~

~ Autumn is not so sure about this body display as she reluctantly poses for a photo-op. ~