Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Holidays

From Fall Festivals, to Thanksgiving in Georgia, preparing for Christmas and the expectation of the New Year....it's been an exciting season.

Things are going well in our family. Joy has adjusted beyond beautifully. The kids have adjusted to her. We, parents, have learned more about her and now "feel" like we are her parents and bonding is going very well.

My parents visited from Florida. We met up again with them in Georgia, along with my brother and his family. We are spending Christmas at home. Joy has declared Christmas her most favorite season ever. She was the first to wrap presents and get them under the tree.

Aaron and Lily are in Kindergarten. Kya, Joy & Autumn are all in 3rd grade. Somehow, someway, we are getting our academic studies done. The days are long and I am exhausted by 7pm. But the days, are generally good ones. We have many more great days than rough days and for that I am beyond grateful to our Lord for seeing me through the motherhood to these five great kids.

We have a new dog, Moon. We rescued him from the shelter this month, December, at the age of 12 weeks old. He is very precious and is a healing balm for little Autumn who has and does face so many challenges. This has also freed up Daisy to become "Joy's" dog which she begged for. Joy loves dogs but claimed before she never liked any animals and was afraid of all of them. That is a transformation.