Sunday, August 19, 2012

Living Sacrifice ~ Becoming a Bondservant

Romans 12:1
Therefore, I urge you brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God ~ this is your true and proper worship.

This verse has been popping up in all my studies and in sermons and books for weeks now.

But why? I kept asking. Why?

Haven't I done....xyz? Haven't I also done....this and that? I mean "look God, what else do you want? What else can I give? I really have nothing left and I already gave you my heart."

I have struggled with what exactly it means. I am a cubicle type person. I like to know God wants this here and that there and I like my life in a nice neat box. But God is flowing. He flows. I don't.

As He's been speaking to me about being this Living Sacrifice, he's also said "You've given me a little and now I want it all." Wow, really?! What does that mean? Another flowing God moment that doesn't fit in my box.

You see if he said "go, do....this or that" then I would go and do "this or that". But he's not giving specific actions. He's giving me specific lifelong command. Now, stop, no more boxes, just flow.

What does ALL look like. ???? I haven't a clue. YET. But I think I'm about to find out.

Some of it comes like this for me: Adoption. Home Educating. Teaching. Serving the Elderly. Serving the Children. But that's a list. See, it's my box. {Stop with the boxes! Gees! It's so hard. He wants me to flow with the Holy Spirit and stop with my boxes. They are probably driving him nuts.}

But I do know this. I have rededicated myself to Him these past 3 weeks. I have given myself to him as a Bondservant. I am a bondservant of my Lord and Savior and I am SO. IN. LOVE. WITH. HIM.

Exodus 21, a bondservant was someone who was bound as a servant to a particular personal/family. The law states that the bondservant must remain in that house hold for six years, but on the seventh year they were given the option to go free. The other option was to stay and serve his master.

And, if they stayed to be a bondservant, their master would pierce their ear with an awl. This was an outward sign that they belonged, forever, and that they were dedicated to their master, that they FREELY chose to stay and serve.

Jesus, is the only master I am willing to serve. He is the Good Shepherd. ~ Again. I am SO IN LOVE WITH HIM. The answer is easy for me. Yes, Yes, Yes, Lord I will stay with you, not a little while, not sometimes, but FOREVER.