Thursday, January 30, 2014

40: Down hill or Up hill?

I feel like 40 is big. 

Or, rather, I hear it is. It seems as if I should have more feelings towards the big FOUR-OH. But I don't. The ones I do have are few.

No life changing decisions. No tattoos. No expectations. No regrets. No depression over it.

But, I am thankful. Very thankful. 

With the expectation of turning 40 I did tear up a bit. But I teared up thinking of a life redeemed. Beauty from ashes. In a short 40 years, there has been so much pain, so much abuse, so many lies, so many broken promises, lost dreams. So much to overcome. But...

~We are MORE than overcomers in Christ. ~
He redeems broken lives and gives us hope.
 ~ A hope greater than one can imagine. ~
~ Beauty more beautiful than eyes can behold. ~

I could list several people, things, moments, memories that have made my life so beautiful this past 12 years of walking with the Lord. 

I could go on about my material comforts and I could list the trials, fires and refinements of the last 12 years. But...

...they are mine. They are not yours.
and to you they would be boring. 

To me...
they are too special to list. ~ I will ponder them in my heart. They are my love affair. A love affair with the one true God of the universe who romances me more than I ever imagined. Who took my broken heart and restored my life to fullness. How I loved him deeply this past 12 years. Twelve years out of forty, I have walked with him closely. That's not enough. My next 40 years will ALL be with Him. Every moment. Every breath. They belong to Him. And that is...exciting!