Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photo Explosion

Tons of Photos! I tried to narrow them down but I think my kids are so darn cute and they have made so many memories already this week, so the narrowing process was very difficult.

Here is a collection of photos of our day with friends. You can click on all the photos to enlarge them.

We spent a day at the pool here at the resort. The pool is incredible. It is a "lagoon style" and shallow through out, with an area of water fountains for the babies to play. We put arm floats on the babies and Lily actually learned to float and sort of dog paddle.

After spending the day relaxing we went back to the Magic Kingdom to see the night time parade and fireworks. This was our first time experiencing them both and we all enjoyed it quite a bit.

And this about sums up how we all felt at the end of the day! Kya was talking and laughing, then "boom" she was out.

The next day we went back to the MK for a full day of fun. Dumbo is Kya's all time favorite ride. And, this was their first time going through the Swiss Family Tree House.

And tomorrow we are off to Epcot!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun Day #1 in Orlando

Good Morning!!!

Yesterday was the first day of our Orlando vacation. We have rented a townhouse with a private splash pool. The girls have a Mickey & Minnie room that is very, very cute! They are calling it the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And, even the babies have their own room. Just like home but without as much work. We are just 5 minutes to Disney. It's perfect.

Yesterday we visited the Magic Kingdom, the girls favorite, favorite park.

We arrived just in time for the afternoon hoola hoops and parade.

Then we headed over for some of the girls favorite rides: the race cars and carousal.

We let the babies run wild at Ariel's Groto. Lily LOVED it. This was her first experience with fountains. She was fascinated by them. Aaron got attacked by wild Mickey Ears. And this was the first time that Kya & Autumn got to meet Ariel. They were not at all thrilled about waiting in line but once they saw her the pain of the wait flew out of their minds. They kept asking to see her again.

By this time our girls were actually tired and they wanted to walk around a new area of the park we had not been too before. So we walked the boardwalk, went and let them watch Splash Mountian. Autumn & Dale road Pirates of the Carribean while Kya and I had some nice alone time while the babies napped.

We headed back to our townhouse were we had our dinner. Kya declared she had a great idea, that we put the babies to bed and the rest of us go swimming. We agreed and it was wonderful!!! The pool was VERY heated, with steam coming off of it and we had a great time.

It was a "magical" day.

Happy Birthday

Friends, Friends, Friends....I love 'em!!!! Thank you Jesus for these WONDERFUL family friends!!!! We traveled to China in 2004 with Bill & Debbie. They were adopting Abby & we were adopting Kya. In 2006 our families returned to China. They adopted Jadyn and we adopted Autumn. The girls are all the same age. Their birthdays are in Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec. And this year they all turn 5. Every year we get together to celebrate with a combined birthday party. This year we met in Central Florida on our family vacation & made it a costume party. It was very cute.

This is Kya & Autumn waiting for their friends to arrive.

As we waited for the pizza to arrive, we visited for a bit and opened gifts.

Then the "big 5 year olds" all went swimming.

Lily put on a little performance for us.

And, finally we had cake & goodbyes. I hate goodbye! I miss them so much!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Old Friend

A few "flashbacks" have been brought back into our home lately. Kya received this pink riding pony for her 1st Christmas home when she was 13 months old. I brought this out for Lily today and Lily started riding it immediately. She has taken a short lunch break but other than that it has been her constant toy for about 2 hours now. Check out her ride and her princess wave. You may want to turn off our music at the very bottom of our webpage. (30 seond video)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Autumn

Autumn turned 5 years old last week. We had a wonderful day of celebration for her.

First thing in the morning she begged to open one of her presents.

In the afternoon we painted.

The evening brought more presents.

Autumn chose to celebrate her birthday at her favorite restaurant with dinner & ice cream.

Just before dinner, we had taken her to the Firehouse, at her request. The first thing they allowed her to do was sit in the big firetruck, in the driver's seat. Instead of being thrilled, she was terrified the truck was going to take off with only her in it. She begged "get me out of here". And then she pouted the rest of the trip, but Kya sure enjoyed it.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Great Romance

Did you ever notice we're the only planet with life
How the Earth is just far enough from the sun's light
Did you ever notice about the chain of life
From small to the greatest ones, we have all the might

How the Lord uses people to breathe his words
How Jesus lead a perfect life, how the Lord created the world

It's not all by chance, It's His great romance
Take the hand of the Holy One into this dance
It's not all by chance, It's His great romance
Take the hand of Jesus into this dance

Did you ever notice your bodies perfect design
How the Heart of can be broken when those you love are unkind
Did you ever notice how the greatest emotion is love
How we long to be held onto, How God is Love

It's not all by chance, It's His great romance
Take the hand of the Holy One into this dance
It's not all by chance, It's His great romance
Take the hand of Jesus into this dance

-Dale C 2008 (c)