Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun Day #1 in Orlando

Good Morning!!!

Yesterday was the first day of our Orlando vacation. We have rented a townhouse with a private splash pool. The girls have a Mickey & Minnie room that is very, very cute! They are calling it the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And, even the babies have their own room. Just like home but without as much work. We are just 5 minutes to Disney. It's perfect.

Yesterday we visited the Magic Kingdom, the girls favorite, favorite park.

We arrived just in time for the afternoon hoola hoops and parade.

Then we headed over for some of the girls favorite rides: the race cars and carousal.

We let the babies run wild at Ariel's Groto. Lily LOVED it. This was her first experience with fountains. She was fascinated by them. Aaron got attacked by wild Mickey Ears. And this was the first time that Kya & Autumn got to meet Ariel. They were not at all thrilled about waiting in line but once they saw her the pain of the wait flew out of their minds. They kept asking to see her again.

By this time our girls were actually tired and they wanted to walk around a new area of the park we had not been too before. So we walked the boardwalk, went and let them watch Splash Mountian. Autumn & Dale road Pirates of the Carribean while Kya and I had some nice alone time while the babies napped.

We headed back to our townhouse were we had our dinner. Kya declared she had a great idea, that we put the babies to bed and the rest of us go swimming. We agreed and it was wonderful!!! The pool was VERY heated, with steam coming off of it and we had a great time.

It was a "magical" day.

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Nicole said...

So is Autumn touching Ariel's boob? So glad you are having a great time, we love MK at Halloween. Where is the "new area" or boardwalk? I don't remember that?