Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How do I do IT?

What is the IT? 'IT' is raising 5 kids. (Although, as a side note, I know people with way more kids than I have.)

I get that question a lot. "How do you do it?

People look at me with my five kids and say something like "Wow..."and then it's always followed by "How do you do it?

I have never put much thought into this question nor the answer. To be honest, I ponder more on the fact I wish people would just stop asking. It's the uncomfortable question. One that has no concrete answer. And, inevitably I give an insufficient answer that varies each time I'm asked.

I was asked again this week. "How do you do it?" I smiled and replied "I guess organization. You get more organized with each child." The lady just looked back at me as if not really knowing what to say. In that moment, I realized I was essentially telling her she was not yet organized enough. Scratch that response from the list. That one is offensive, weak and silly. And, clearly it is not my organization skills because if you've seen my laundry, my closet or my pantry, you'd know that skill doesn't even apply to me. 

So as I drove home, I pondered finally. How do I do it? Hmmmmmm.....

Once I looked at families like mine and made similar comments. 

But here I am...'doin' it'. And so how is it that once it looked so difficult to me and now seems so second nature? Hmmmmm.....

Ponder. Ponder.

Then it hit me. One word. Grace.

God's Grace! His grace is sufficient and his mercies are new every morning and without his Grace and his Mercy I could never "do it". 

He who has called you to a good work will bring it to completion. There is nothing you or I need to do when the job looks difficult but obey. He will equip us. He will give us grace and he will show us mercy. 

So when asked "How do you do it?" My answer is now "God's grace is sufficient."


Thursday, October 11, 2012

7 birthdays a year, but each one is special

Our Sweetie Pie, Autumn, turned 9 years old this week. 

The birthday girl awakes to surprise decorations. 

Her sisters help her to make dirt pie (since she doesn't like cake).

Ms. Sassy herself.

Even with just our kids, it's always a party.

And the big 9 candle is blown out. 
May all your wishes come true baby girl. 

She is so proud to be 9. 
Today she said that she would walk into Girl Scouts and loudly exclaim