Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pretty girls on a pretty day

a summer day with a summer breeze in the low 80's in the shade, under a tree, on a blanket with your best friend....this is childhoold...


Make A Joyful Noise

O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Psalm 95:1

~pause the blog music at the bottom of the the page before listening to the videos~

Kya is so exhausted from a dance party just before singing this song but she works her way through it with heavy breath.

This is funny. Autumn calls upon her sister for help and then makes them put their hands over their hearts. They are quite comical trying to sing a duet.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Showing Off

...our schoolwork.

Here is what a few sheets of Kya's school work looks like.
She is using My Father's World
Copy work from Proverbs

Reading & Writing

Reading, Cut/Paste

And here is a sample of sweet Autumn's work.
Her main curriculum this year is the first level book for Handwriting Without Tears. This book is teaching her shapes, colors, number & letter recognition, in addition to handwriting. She is doing really well and we love this book very much (and all the manipulative's that go with it!)

Someone gave my mother this math curriculum and my mother gave it to me. It's been a huge blessing for us! We are so thankful. Autumn loves her Hooked on Math book, the game suggestions and the computer games it came with. She has excelled using this book. Autumn still cannot recognize her numbers but schools only been going 3 weeks. She, however, wrote them! She wrote her numbers! You have NO IDEA what a big deal that is. Just look below!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

fun projects

My Father's World 1st Grade Curriculum Project
~Making Alphabet Scrolls~
We were learning about ancient Bible scrolls.

One of my children as been in Occupational Therapy for a few years. We are currently on a break from therapy. I was able to find some great projects online to continue the therapy, unbeknownst to her, right here at home. One idea was a curved line race track (so that the strong hand pushes the car and the other hand holds up the body while she scoots along). I don't have a race track but I had a diaper box! So we cut it up, taped it together and colored it with markers. Wa La -- a free race track that my girls loved. It took us about 15 min plus coloring time. The coloring part was therapy for mom. :-)

Autumn was reading up one day in the Family Fun magazine and found this project. Since she loves the movie Wall-E, this appealed to her greatly. We call them Wall-E-Bots (the magazine did not since they can't use the Disney name). If you'd like to make some Wall-E-Bots or Eva-Bots, just save some cans from the kitchen. Then dad will supply the nuts, bolts, etc and some strong magnets. Hot glue the nuts, bolts, etc to the magnets. And you have a make-shift Mr Potato Head. I think they are way cuter than Mr Potato Head. (Just remind your kids how magnets damage electronics and store them away from children so they play with them under supervision only.) (Dale did this project with the girls. Mom was way too tired!)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Around the House August 2009

Three of the loves of my life,
before Church on Sunday morning.

Kya & Autumn
Pretending their jeep is in the shop.

Sometimes our husbands are right.
He's been telling me we have 3 baby deer, and he was right.


Clay Pots

The girls are studying the Bible this year, Genesis to Revelation. First we learned that Bible's were originally scrolls, not books and kept in clay pots. We are still in the process of making our scrolls but here are our miniature clay pots. (We are so thankful to My Father's World for the incredible curriculum.)


Literature comes to life

This year we are scrap-booking our way through literature. We have been reading The Story of Ping, a little duck that lived on the Yangtze River in China. We studied a little about ducks and a little about China (and even scrapped some of our own China pics.)

The Story of Ping.

Exapanded view of Kya's mini book.

Exapanded view of Autumn's work.

Kya proudly showing off their hard work.

Here is a clue of what country we are reading about now (and it's not China).


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer 2009 Memories

Here is the last of our NYC pictures. This was the night life. I have chosen 7 of my favorite photos to share with you. Just check out the kids faces. They have spectacular smiles!


What is it? A Fox?

We have a pet in our yard that we cannot identify. Although I do believe it is a fox, I cannot tell what kind. I have searched the web a few times. If you have a clue please let me know. The pictures are blurry because for some reason my zoom is going out on my camera (just like my laptop is giving out - boo hoo!!!.). She looks a bit red in the photos and from a distance but up close she is actually blond/yellow with gray/black splotches. But here is "foxy" just hanging out in our yard acting like the family dog out there. I really think if a guest drove up they would have thought she was our dog.