Wednesday, August 19, 2009

fun projects

My Father's World 1st Grade Curriculum Project
~Making Alphabet Scrolls~
We were learning about ancient Bible scrolls.

One of my children as been in Occupational Therapy for a few years. We are currently on a break from therapy. I was able to find some great projects online to continue the therapy, unbeknownst to her, right here at home. One idea was a curved line race track (so that the strong hand pushes the car and the other hand holds up the body while she scoots along). I don't have a race track but I had a diaper box! So we cut it up, taped it together and colored it with markers. Wa La -- a free race track that my girls loved. It took us about 15 min plus coloring time. The coloring part was therapy for mom. :-)

Autumn was reading up one day in the Family Fun magazine and found this project. Since she loves the movie Wall-E, this appealed to her greatly. We call them Wall-E-Bots (the magazine did not since they can't use the Disney name). If you'd like to make some Wall-E-Bots or Eva-Bots, just save some cans from the kitchen. Then dad will supply the nuts, bolts, etc and some strong magnets. Hot glue the nuts, bolts, etc to the magnets. And you have a make-shift Mr Potato Head. I think they are way cuter than Mr Potato Head. (Just remind your kids how magnets damage electronics and store them away from children so they play with them under supervision only.) (Dale did this project with the girls. Mom was way too tired!)


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