Friday, August 21, 2009

Showing Off

...our schoolwork.

Here is what a few sheets of Kya's school work looks like.
She is using My Father's World
Copy work from Proverbs

Reading & Writing

Reading, Cut/Paste

And here is a sample of sweet Autumn's work.
Her main curriculum this year is the first level book for Handwriting Without Tears. This book is teaching her shapes, colors, number & letter recognition, in addition to handwriting. She is doing really well and we love this book very much (and all the manipulative's that go with it!)

Someone gave my mother this math curriculum and my mother gave it to me. It's been a huge blessing for us! We are so thankful. Autumn loves her Hooked on Math book, the game suggestions and the computer games it came with. She has excelled using this book. Autumn still cannot recognize her numbers but schools only been going 3 weeks. She, however, wrote them! She wrote her numbers! You have NO IDEA what a big deal that is. Just look below!


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