Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy Hoppy Easter

When you have 4 kids in the house, you not only have a Happy Easter but a very Hoppin' Easter. After Church, we had a Dunkin Donuts breakfast, which I thought was very Spring-Like for some reason. I'd like to say it was the thought of all the donuts in their various colors of icing seeming so festive, but in reality, I think it really has to do with anytime I don't have to cook and clean up it is a celebration in itself (at least for me!). The kids received their Easter Baskets after that and the babies received their first ever Easter baskets. Then we colored eggs, then we hunted eggs, rested, had an early ham dinner and went swimming. The girls love to throw the plastic eggs in the pool and swim around and collect them all. We hope everyone else's Easter was just as joyful and that you got some rest.

Aaron & Lily's First Easter

Kya & Autumn Easter 2008, 4yrs old

An Active House

With 4 kids, it's always active around here. Kya and Autumn love to make puppets. Here are some of the latest. Easter Eggs on popsicle sticks and some paper plate puppets that took an entire day to paint!

The girls started AWANA this past fall and are in the Cubbies group. The Cubbies were having boat races. Dad helped Kya and Autumn build and design a boat for the Float-A-Boat Regatta.

And, relaxing does happen around here from time to time, which we are always thankful.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary

Happy 2 year Gotcha Day Anniversary Autumn. We love you and are so happy you are our daughter. You are completely crazy, a total wild woman and you bring a million smiles to our faces everyday. It's been amazing to watch you grow from the little girl you were 2 years ago into the 4yr old tom-boy you are today. We brought home McDonald's happy meals for lunch this week. The happy meal boxes were decorated with Disney's Pirates and Princess theme. I began to tell you and Kya about the event at Disney and explained we could go if you wanted and you could dress up like princesses, you declared "I no Princess. I a Pirate. Rrrrrrrr." And you are my dear...you love Pirates, Cars, Thomas the Train, Spiderman, dragons and all things busy, active and lively. At 7am one morning I heard this loud noise, you had come zooming out of your room in your nightgown and roller skates...you were already up and skating through the house. You and Kya had been sharing a pair of skates and so for your Gotcha Day Anniversary this year, you received your very own pair of skates, which you were thrilled about! You are full of life, full of joy and we love you!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Kids First Trip to Epcot

We were at Disney the weekend of March 8 and 9th, on the way home on Sunday we had time to take the kids to Epcot for the first time. Autumn enjoyed several of the rides, while Kya sat back and relaxed this particular day. They both really enjoyed the photo stop that Epcot has with several characers all in one location. That was the highlight of the day for both girls.

Friday, March 7, 2008

What about February?

A few noteable events in our girls' life happened...that seemed important to them.

Autumn got a new hair do. Several inches were chopped off and she declared "I mad you. No talk me." while Kya stood by the sidelines crying and screaming "don't cut her hair, I want it long like mine." But it really is much cuter. It was quite ragged, thin and unruly. Everyone but Autumn and Kya love it.

And, they both got new nightgowns to make them feel like a Princess every night. I tried to snap photos of them but they were too busy having a music night with Daddy to pose for my camera.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is it really March?

Where oh where did the time go? The babies have been home over 2 months. Dale has been at his new job over 1 month, Kya is learning to read, Autumn is talking up a storm, Lily is eating some solid foods, Aaron is crawling and his first tooth is finally peaking through the skin. Both babies are sleeping through the night. Since the babies came home we celebrated 2 birthdays, Valentine's Day, Baby Dedications, our first trip (and 2nd) to Disney, some overnights at Grandma's, a Gotcha Day Anniversary and I have somehow single-handedly survived Walmart and Publix with 4 children it tow.

I had my birthday in January and it was just fantastic having all 4 of my children home for my birthday. Life with ALL my children has been completely wonderful. Like a dream come true.

Dale had his birthday in March and thankfully my mom kept all the kids for the night and we slipped away for 2 days and 1 night for a Third Day Concert and a trip to Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM). Our friends Vito & Krista joined us and we all had a great weekend.

Here are some precious pictures of our blessings....

I love how Aaron sleeps, so I had to snap a few shots.

Just Playing Around with our new toys from Ms Kimberly and Lily modeling an outfit that Ms Debbie gave to Kya over 3 years ago.

The Big Girls Watching and Waiting for the Valentine Cake to Bake