Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is it really March?

Where oh where did the time go? The babies have been home over 2 months. Dale has been at his new job over 1 month, Kya is learning to read, Autumn is talking up a storm, Lily is eating some solid foods, Aaron is crawling and his first tooth is finally peaking through the skin. Both babies are sleeping through the night. Since the babies came home we celebrated 2 birthdays, Valentine's Day, Baby Dedications, our first trip (and 2nd) to Disney, some overnights at Grandma's, a Gotcha Day Anniversary and I have somehow single-handedly survived Walmart and Publix with 4 children it tow.

I had my birthday in January and it was just fantastic having all 4 of my children home for my birthday. Life with ALL my children has been completely wonderful. Like a dream come true.

Dale had his birthday in March and thankfully my mom kept all the kids for the night and we slipped away for 2 days and 1 night for a Third Day Concert and a trip to Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM). Our friends Vito & Krista joined us and we all had a great weekend.

Here are some precious pictures of our blessings....

I love how Aaron sleeps, so I had to snap a few shots.

Just Playing Around with our new toys from Ms Kimberly and Lily modeling an outfit that Ms Debbie gave to Kya over 3 years ago.

The Big Girls Watching and Waiting for the Valentine Cake to Bake