Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy Hoppy Easter

When you have 4 kids in the house, you not only have a Happy Easter but a very Hoppin' Easter. After Church, we had a Dunkin Donuts breakfast, which I thought was very Spring-Like for some reason. I'd like to say it was the thought of all the donuts in their various colors of icing seeming so festive, but in reality, I think it really has to do with anytime I don't have to cook and clean up it is a celebration in itself (at least for me!). The kids received their Easter Baskets after that and the babies received their first ever Easter baskets. Then we colored eggs, then we hunted eggs, rested, had an early ham dinner and went swimming. The girls love to throw the plastic eggs in the pool and swim around and collect them all. We hope everyone else's Easter was just as joyful and that you got some rest.

Aaron & Lily's First Easter

Kya & Autumn Easter 2008, 4yrs old