Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Things We Like

A friend of mine, Krista, did a post titled 'Contentment'. I thought it sounded like fun and wanted to join in. Also, since I homeschool my girls, I thought this sounded like a great homeschool project for them as well. This is my post and then I will post Kya and Autumn's.

Here are the pictures of my favorite things around my house. The 'litte things' in life that I am thankful for, that I don't think about that often. Now, some of them do seem materialistic and this bothered me. I debated about really posting them or not. All things material will fade away and what do we have left? Only our relationship with Christ really. So why would I want to find happiness in material things? After pondering this I realized, I don't. But, I am thankful for them. Christ gives us all things to enjoy and so I am going to enjoy them and be thankful.

Here they are:

My bread machine. I have not used it that much lately but I do love it and very thankful I have it.

My swimming pool, no matter how small, because I thought I'd never have one and this is my 2nd pool. We have tons of family time here and the memories are very special. Plus all 4 of my children have taken swim lessons in this particular pool.

The woods that line our back yard. I watch red birds, squirrels, owls, etc as I have my coffee and read my Bible every morning. These woods have been part of many serene moments for me.

The ceiling fans in my home. Seems a weird thing to be thankful for, but I always wanted these and when we bought this home, they were already here.

And, if being thankful for a ceiling fan was not strange enough...I am equally thankful for the remote controls for each ceiling fan. At only 5.3 myself with 10ft ceilings, how else would I change the speed? But, I'll be honest, the 8ft ceilings in my old home still required a chair to change the speed, so the remotes are a dream for me.

Tripp Harrison. Mine and my husbands favorite artist. We have 4 of his lithographs and this one is our favorite. This is on the wall in the entrance to our bedroom.

The pineapple bedpost on our new bed. I know, another strange thing to be thankful for. But I love this bed! It gives our room the tropical feel we both enjoy being surrounded by.

And, finally, my kitchen. I love it for several reasons. I love the blue walls. I love the white cabinets. I love the combination of the white and blue together. I also enjoy the bay window that over looks the other 2 things I enjoy, our pool and the woods.

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