Friday, August 22, 2008

Academy of Silliness

Since we homeschool, we decided to give our school a name. Kya likes Academy of Silliness. I thought it a little long, but she proceeded to argue with me. Well, here at Academy of Silliness, we have finished our first two week of Kindergarten. Part of our school work was creating a Numbers book and a Creation Book. The girls loved showing off their books.

Kya took this photo of Autumn and I think it is so precious. What a sweetie.

Since we finished up the first two weeks of school on Thursday and on Friday, we celebrated by making homemade playdough. I have to give this project a "Mom's Two Thumbs Up". I think it was my favorite project with the kids so far.

Here are the girls getting ready to start mixing and cooking.

The playdough cooks until it's sort of rubbery.

After cooking, you knead the dough for about 5 minutes. We under-cooked ours the first time, thus the mess on our hands. We had to re-cook it.

The girls playing with the final product, which last in a plastic bag for a long time.

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