Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something Stinks in Our House

Something around here stinks really bad. It's so bad that as a family member walks near it they begin to cringe and sometimes even run the opposite direction. I've tried many solutions but none have worked so far. So here I am, asking you, my bloggies, for help. You see what stinks is my attitude and I can't seem to get it back in cheque. I am begging you for prayers! After having only a handful of nights where I slept through the night in the past 15 years, I caved and asked my doctor for medicine to help me sleep. Just like Hewey Luis, I have a new drug. And, I'm very thankful. Last night my dear, sweet husband offered to be "on call" for middle of the night needs of the children and for their earlier-than-I-can-take-it demands of the morning. BUT, my dear, sweet husband must have confused this mild sleeping-aid with general anesthesia, thinking that NOTHING would wake me up for 8 hours. So, he stayed up in the chair next to the bed with all the lights on, the radio on and pounding away at his keyboard and around 3am, I roared my ugle attitude and he became very aware that sleep aides are not the same as general anesthesia, so off to bed he went to. So my first nights sleep, that I was so hopeful for, was of no success. And today, I decided to throw my very own pitty party but my friends forgot to show up. It's a lonely party and I really, really need prayer! Please!

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Anonymous said...

I can relate! I will pray for you... pray for me!!

The blog looks cute!