Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cute Kid Conversations

Some cute things have been said in my household lately that I thought I'd journal here.

Kya said to me at breakfast the other day: "Mom, you better start thinking about what you want to be when you grow old and die. Do you want to walk in heaven, do you want to roller skate in heaven, maybe be a waitress in heaven?"

This morning Autumn and I were waiting for the school bus. She grew impatient so we counted to 60. At each interval she kept saying "It no working. It no working." We get to 60 and she says "See it no work." I asked her then if she'd like to have a lesson on prayer. She rolled her eyes and grunted. I explained that God always answers your prayers. The answers are always "Yes, No, or Wait". I told Autumn we would pray for her school bus to arrive and see which answer the Lord gives. She rolled her eyes again. "Lord, please bring Autumn's school bus. Amen". As we said Amen, I saw the school bus coming down the street and excitedly said "Look, Autumn, this time Jesus said Yes." She just shook her head at me like I was crazy.

Kya says "Mom, we almost have 5 children." I replied "How is that Kya?" She says because we have 4 and that is almost 5. I asked her if she thought we should have 5 and she said "Maybe". I asked her if we adopt again would she like to adopt from China or Guatemala? "Guatemala, I want to adopt from Guatemala again." (pause) "But, MOM, right now nobody can adopt from Guatemala." (I was surprised she knew and understood that."

Later on we tell Dad the Guatemala story. Kya announces she wants to adopt her children from Guatemala and Autumn says "When I grow up I want 5 children. I want to adopt them from China. Here mom, put your ear to my heart. (I did so.) Mom, can you hear my 5 kids? They are waiting on me in China."

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Nicole said...

Hmmmm 5 kids for each daughter? You will be one busy grandmother!