Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can you trick the tooth fairy?

Since we do not do the whole Santa thing in our house, we were not quite sure if we would have tooth fairy visits either (still a reward and fun system, just not a made up character). Well, well, wouldn't you know one of the kids TV programs was nice enough to introduce the tooth fairy for us to our children. To which they became extremely excited about this prospect. And, now, the tooth fairy must visit. My children will have no reasonable conversation about this made up character. She does exist and that is that. My children just turned 5, so losing teeth anytime soon will not happen, but that does not prevent the excitement. No! Instead it provokes creativity. At first they thought maybe they could stop brushing their teeth and one would fall out. When we protested this speedy version of the process, they thought maybe they could just pull one out. More protesting from Mom and a new idea was sparked.....

Let's make a tooth! We'll draw one on paper, fold it so it's thick like a tooth and put it under our pillow. Now we have a plan! To which, I thought it would be rather funny to keep the drama going and explain, you cannot, cannot trick the tooth fairy. For if you try when she shows up and finds a fake tooth, she will never, ever return again. Oh! That settled it for a day, only a day. The invention of the fake tooth returned tonight and tomorrow, they are all set with their plans to make their fake tooth!

And while we are on this topic, look at this most disgusting site (IMHO).
The Original Tooth Fairy
I'm sorry, but I do not want to make a jewel out of my child's tooth nor wear it around my neck...to me, that is just nasty!

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