Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

It's a new day!

I love this excerpt from Above Rubies....

Begin! What an important word.

Are you dreaming about doing something? Perhaps getting that bedroom cleaned up. Or catching up with the laundry so that your laundry room looks spic and span. Maybe you have some great ideas about homeschooling you are planning to put into operation. Then there’s that habit you want to break.

Deuteronomy 2:24, “Rise ye up, take your journey..."

Wow, we ALL have a journey, don't we. Some domestic, some career driven but we ALL have a journey....how profound is our Bible to just tell us.... RISE UP AND BEGIN! and the Bible even calls it a JOURNEY. I love journey's, especially the one the Lord puts us on, they are never boaring are they?! The Lord always gives us twist and turns we never expect and if we allow them, they can be so completely exhilirating. Will you go with me today? Will you rise and begin the journey in front of you this moment? Together we will see what the Lord has in store. And if you are a stay at home mom....remember there is no higher calling! Don't fret that all you have to do is laundry just...rise up and begin!

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