Monday, May 4, 2009

Pray for my brother...

A big brother...what can one say...you always love them. They just have your heart. There is nothing that can change that.

And my big brother, could use as much prayer as he can get right now. Him and his wife and their 2 boys were traveling from IL to GA for a job transfer when they had to stop in TN and go to an ER because of my brother's intense pain. As it turns out, he is having surgery tomorrow morning to remove part of his colon. His wife and the kids are staying at a hotel. Hospital recovery time will be 4 to 5 days and then they still have to continue their journey to their new home and start their new life. What a way to begin it! Please pray the Lord covers my brother with his protective hand. All I can do is lift him up to the Lord and let him know I love him. I love you Jim! Please get better soon. A little piece of my heart will be broken until you are healed. I miss you!

~ photo: Dawn & Jim - October 2001 - the night before my wedding ~

Update: May 6, 2009: Jim underwent successful surgery yesterday. There was no infection in his colon and therefore no infection spread to the rest of his body. His in now resting and recovering for a few days at the hospital.

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Debbie said...

We're praying Dawn. Hugs to you & your family.