Thursday, June 18, 2009


A place of refuge

Sometimes we are torn from the things we love. Sometimes we are stripped of what we think is so very important in our life. Sometimes we don't always have the best attitude about it. Sometimes we think we obey but our hearts really are not in the right spot so it's not really obedience. Then sometime later you have a heart check and you get in line with God and then, and only then, does all seem okay with the world. Then you know that what he took from you was so that he could place you right where you belong. Then you realize that even when you were too scared to spread your wings and fly and when you were too intimidated to go after that dream, that God did not give up on you and your dreams. Even in your disobedience of an unyielding heart, he blessed you. That is just how he works. He brings us home.....

We are home.

And here at home, we find much peace, because we are just where God wants us, trusting him, guiding us and loving us.

And here at home, little feet roam freely and hopefully learn the lesson we ourselves had a hard time with....to just dream....to just trust God....just let go and be FREE in Him.


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