Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blue Hawaii

A little paint brings a lot of smiles to one little girl.
The girls had so much fun actually helping to paint the walls.

Kya wanted her room painted blue. Since her and Autumn share a room, Autumn agreed and off they went with Dad to get blue paint.
...as we are painting Autumn says something to the effect of 'she'd rather die than sleep in that room with blue walls'. ~ I think she realized she missed her moment to protest the blue when purple is her favorite color. So after some discussion we decided to separate the girls into their own rooms. When we get back from Florida in a few weeks, we will create a "purple Chinese" room for Autumn.

~In the meantime, here is Kya's Blue Hawaii. ~

It's very, very bright, but so are the smiles of the little girl that resides here.



Debbie said...

BEAUTIFUL! You guys did a great job painting & decorating. I can't wait to see the finished "purple Chinese" room. :-)

Livin' out loud said...

I love this color, its so restful!!