Friday, June 17, 2011

Thinking, preparing, dreaming

Thinking of hotels. Where I can stay and be safe. Where we can walk to dinner close by.

Where can we stay where shopping is around the corner. Shopping! She'll come with nothing. She'll be 9 years old and own nothing but the clothes on her back. I cannot pre-buy anything because she's 9. Not only do I not know here size, I don't know what she likes. So shopping, we will be shopping. She will need clothes immediately.

Things to do:
I hear there are many things to do in Xi'an. I look forward to exploring my new daughter's birth city with her. Since I'm traveling alone, I'll have lots of mom-daughter bonding moments. What's the city like? What will my trip be like?

Someone else took this photo. It's the Remnan Sqaure in Xi'an.

So much to think about.

So much preparing to do.

So much dreaming.

And lots and lots of praying.

Missing my girl today. Getting excited.


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