Thursday, June 9, 2011

Left Behind....

This is a special video. This is the video that inspired my heart to adopt a 5th child. I was comfortable with my 4 children, comfortable in my home, the size of my home, didn't want to expand our budget, stretch our resources or rock our boat (especially in THIS economy). But, then Lucy.....Lucy's little face shined upon my computer screen, I was reminded of the desolation around the world, the lack of hope, the need for us to be God's arms and feet. How can I sit here and be so self-absorbed when "the least of these" suffers so? This world is coming to end. It is. We will not be here forever. Our lives are but a vapor. We have 1 shot, only 1, to make a difference and this is our moment. If we do not grasp it, we will miss it and in so doing, we will miss the blessing. Oh, friends, I don't want to miss the blessing. I don't want you to miss the blessing.

Not everyone is called to adopt. It is a calling. But we are are ALL called to care for the orphans. Do you see the conditions in this video? Do you see the numbers of children that need to be cared for? That care is not free. It cost someone, somewhere lots of money to care for them. When we go to China, Joy will walk out into the light, she will have a hope and a future. But, that orphanage will have then cared for Joy for 9 years and paid all of her expenses for 9 years. And so, in order to give back, we will be required to donate $5000 to the care of the children left behind. We need your help. It's that simple. We need you to help us raise the donation amount to give to the children left behind.

Since 2003, Dale and I have personally funded $133,000 for this cause. The cause of the fatherless. Our work is FAR from done. This is our life calling. But, we are running out of own resources and we simply are asking for $5,000. It seems like a lot but in comparison, it is not. Please help. Please.


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