Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Joy Overflows

Well, because I don't have enough to do or enough confusion: Not only do I have a website for Joy but now I have a blog for her too. My logic was this: The website is nice to have all the various pages for updates, fundraising, cost analysis, time lines, etc. BUT, when I travel to China the blog will be nice and simple (and easy) for uploading pictures and updates about our first few days together. BUT, since I started the blog, I have found it easy to use it to pour out my heart. I miss my girl. I have so many thoughts, feelings and words and very little outlet for them. A journal is hard for me anymore. For some reason, my hand cramps with extreme pain when I try to write more than 1/2 page in my journal. But, my blog allows me to type with comfort. Then as the year rolls to an end, I am able to copy/paste my words from my blog into a photo album, a keepsake for our Joy.

So here is her blog: http://joyfromtheeast.blogspot.com/

For now, the blog has only tidbits of info, a few pics and later as I travel it will be how I communicate daily.

Today, I was blessed beyond blessed to post updates photos of our waiting Joy to her new blog.

~ She is beyond precious. I am beyond blessed to have these photos. My heart is overflowing with pure Joy today! And, as I want to cry out in anguish over the wait, I try to focus on the thought that 'soon Mom and daughter will be united, soon'! ~


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