Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birthdays are special

Every year in October, our family treks from Florida to spend Autumn's birthday with her. It's always a special time. So special and filled with family moments that I get too busy and then too tired to post her birthday pictures. This year, I remembered!

Autumn had spent a week in Florida, drove 15 hours straight to get home with the grandparents and as she arrived we suprised her with a Mini Birthday Party Celebration.

On her actual birthday Autumn chose to spend it at the Chinese Buffet with friends of the family and then come home to open presents.

The day after her birthday she chose to go shopping and buy her first Skate Board with her birthday money. Sister, Kya, decided that was a great idea and pulled money from her own savings to also buy a skateboard.

Happy 8the birthday baby girl. We love you!


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