Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Weekend with Ladybugs and Frogs

It's been a long-long-while since I posted about family life. I bought a new photo software for only 99cents so I had to make a post about our weekend, using my new little software program, of course. So, what do we do with our weekends?

Besides: church, laundry and house cleaning? Well.....

A little furniture moving. A little curtain hanging. A little date with friends. And a lot of gratitude to a servant-leader husband and father!

~ a girls afternoon. lest you get jealous thinking we have this great social life...we don't. it took almost 2 years to get this girls date set. and we are so thankful it finally happened. the girls got manicures and frozen yogurt. it was a sweet date. ~

~purple. certainly chosen by a little girl, not mom. painted a year ago and finally got curtains up this weekend. but we are proud of our tie-backs. dale and i were at a little antique shop next to our favorite coffee shop when 'he' spotted these. thought they were tie-backs then realized on his own they were actually towel hooks. but, i was fancied by them immediately. so not having our girls initials, we went with xoxo for hugs and kisses. and i think they are charming. ~ the bed on the other hand was moved from another room to this room just this weekend. it only took 1 hour for the girls to turn it into a fort and mess up the charm that mother's like and into the charm that children like. at least i can admire the tie-backs. ~

~ uno. guacamole. and 1 great dad. so when we play uno here, it seems like a lot of apologies fly around. we seem to cringe when we have to lay down a card that damages another players chances to win. that sort of makes me warm on the inside that we care so much. of course then we get mean and dirty, well, the girls do, they plot against their mother to make her lose. not fair. not fair! ~ kya makes this 'awesome' guacamole and all for her mom. she does not like guacamole all that much and so it's a labor of love. ~ the man. he's the man. he works his little boo-tay off for his family and we are so grateful for this awesome man. ~


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