Wednesday, April 18, 2012

End of School Year Celebration

The end of 2nd grade has come for our girls. A little early! It's time to go to China and adopt Joy and begin our summer bonding as a family of 7. The girls worked so hard in their studies this year and I am so proud of their efforts.

We like to find a small way to celebrate each year. Dale brought home cupcakes and M&M's to celebrate. The kids decided to decorate their cupcakes with the candies.

We like to give our "awards" as well, even if just verbally:

Autumn was awarded "The bigestest overcomer" this year for her efforts in reading and writing.
Kya was awarded "the most math work completed" this year for finishing 1 1/2 years of math in 1 school year.
Lily & Aaron will officially be in Kindergarten in the next school year.
And, I will suddenly have 5 school-aged children!


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