Saturday, June 2, 2012

Three Weeks Home

Our Joy has been home a whole 3 weesk!

We had friends fly in from Florida and spent a few great days with them. We spent Mother's Day with a few Maryland friends. It was great being with friends and family over the first few days home.

Joy acclimated well to her new surroundings and to our friends. She has enjoyed Church and on our 1st Wednesday night church shew'd me out of the room, she didn't need or want me watching over her with the rest of the kids around.

She just adores her daddy, which is grand. He had a few days off work and was able to spend time giving her rides on the lawn mower, teaching her about the guitar, how to kick a ball, throw a frisby and most of all how to ride a bike without training wheels! The next weekend he took her to pick out her 1st bike.

She loves playing outside which I was happy about since she also loves electronics and tv so much. Its nice to see she has a good balance of activities she will do.

She is a fantastic sister so far. She is patient, helpful and tenderly-playful with the little ones. And she gets along and plays wonderful with Kya and Autumn (the new triplets). And all the other kids accept her with hearts and arms wide open.

It took 6 nights but all the girls are now sleeping happily in their own beds without us asking and without hurt feelings. It's as if they all mutually agreed it was time.

The 1st week home, Joy started to open up with some small signs of physical affection; accepting our hugs so we started squeezing her and spinning her around, which makes her giggle. And finally on week three now puts her arms around us and hugs us in return.

We really have had no food or behavior issues that are noteworthy.

Really, honestly, all is going flawlessly. We can't claim to really 'know her' all that well 'yet' of course. We are learning her likes & dislikes, she is learning ours. That part is a slow process and so is the language but all in time it will come.

God is so good and we are so blessed.

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