Friday, May 16, 2008

A Beautiful Weekend

For Mother's Day we spent the weekend in Central Florida. We seem to go there often. We love most everything about the area, except my husband works in 'South' Florida, so we can only visit Central Florida. One day maybe we can relocate but for now hubby has his dream-job. Anyway, we went to Epcot for the flower show but it was so very hot and humid. We spent most of our time at inside activities. We had lunch with Mickey Mouse and some of his friends.

The heat was unbearable. The girls ran through the fountains fully dressed and had a blast. Kya has always been too timid to enjoy play fountains and today she broke free from her shyness and had an aboslute blast! Autumn was her normal goofy self enjoying every minute of life to the fullest.

We stayed at our favorite hotel. The hotel has so much to do "inside". The inside of the hotel is a huge atrium with 3 distinct areas. It has boarwalks going over fish ponds with live palm trees planted through out the entire atrium. Another area has alligators, then there is the Key West area where there is a huge sailboat. We were lucky enough this time to have reservations on the sailboat. The girls were mesmorized by the fire dancer and Lily was in a trance over the balloon guy on stilts.