Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Free Dinner - A Pass it on Moment

We were at a little pizza place with all 4 of our children. We were sitting at an outside table. It was hot but there was a breeze. All the kids were being good and were particularly cute this night. We were having great conversations and several laughs. It was one of those nights you want to capture in a jar, open it up one day and relive it if possible. We had plans to walk down the sidewalk to the fudge shop that also has ice cream and enjoy our first officialy night of "summer" (i.e. no school, therapy, clubs, etc). The waitress approaches and says "your bill has been paid". What?! Did we really hear her correctly?! Our jaws dropped. Dale couldn't say anything and I asked if she was serious. She explained there was a couple inside that thought our family was beautiful and that it was great that we took our kids out, they wanted to do this as a an act of kindess. Dale conveyed our immense appreciation. We were so greatful and floored! It was one of those moments we'll never forget and be sure to pass on one day.