Monday, August 18, 2008

Autumn's Favorite Things

Here is our 3rd post about our favorite things. This is Autumn's photo list. She chose each of these items herself and took all the photos (with some assistance to keep her hands steady.)

Like Kya, she also chose to take photos of her family first. I was thankful for that but again, it was early morning and I didn't want to post the pictures. :-)

These are her favorite toys: her favorite bath toy, her piggy bank, the play kitchen in their room, and finally her bear & her bean bag chair. (We sent her that bear for Christmas when she was still in China, before we had travel approval. We made it at Build a Bear and recorded our voices inside of it.)

One of her most favorite toys is her hand-me-down school bus from Ethan Garcia.

This picture is the combo of several items (1)her guitar - She spends hours playing us songs on her guitar. We get bed time shows several times a week. They have to set up their "stage" and all. (2) Her "blankie" that she STILL sleeps with and watches movies cuddling (3) her Leapster and (4)her bed.

Autumn also loves playing Blues Clues Kindergarten on the computer. And she loves the website Starfall. She uses the computer a few times a week and it's one of her favorite activities.

Then, there is her very best friend in all the world....Frosty.

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