Friday, August 8, 2008

First Trial with the Diapers

By yesterday I had 6 of my trial diapers in and all pre-washed and ready to use. We started with the Hemp fitted and a Diaper Cover .We put these on before lunch and they wore them through nap time. With a soiled diaper and all, no leaks.

After nap time, I put on the Thirsties (which is an All in One, same idea as a disposable). You can add an insert to double the absorbancy, but since it was daytime, I did not. These were worn for 4hrs. From after nap, until bed time. Aaron IS a heavey wetter and by bedtime, he had a little 1 inch size leak on each side. Lily had no leaks and she is NOT a heavey wetter. I was VERY impressed with this because I usually change their disposable diapers much more frequently.

At night time, we used the Hemp with the snap-in insert for extra absorbancy. This made them particularly bulky but it was bedtime and I didn't care. My babies DID leak through my morning. The link was minimal compared to what we have been experiencing with disposables. He's been leaking every night. I was hoping for no leaks with these. However, I'm not really sure it was a fair test. They had a considerable amount to drink before bed, as we had a very late dinner AND they slept in 1 extra hour today. I am going to give this same diaper another try tonight without the extra water and without the extra hour of sleep and see how it goes.

So far, I love the absorbency of both and the Thirsties AOI is a bit easier for Dad, but the reviews on Cricketts Hemp are so incredible that I have to keep trying them.

As far as washing, they all washed up incredibly well. I did not have a wet pail, so I stored them in the washing machine when they got dirty and then this morning washed them all.

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