Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kya and Autumn's been Tagged!

Krista and Bella from Bits and Pieces tagged Kya and Autumn. What fun!

Autumn Xian Fei ___________
Kya Xia Yu ___________

4 and 4

Favorite thing to do:
Autumn: (This is funny) Autumn answered "I like to eat" and "be on the puter"
Kya: Painting and Dancing

Favorite Food:
Autumn: Grapes, Noodles and Ceaser Salad
Kya: Watermelon

Least Favorite Food:
Autumn: Celery
Kya: Green Peppers

Favorite Toy:
Autumn: "My Lightning McQeen car"
Kya: "My new ball I made today at VBS" and my Cars toys, Mater

Favorite book:
Autumn: Her set of "Manners" books (www.pilbooks.com)
Kya: Play Nice (from the Manners set)
(Okay, I don't beleive them on this one because they rarely ask me to read them. They always want to read the following - so this is Mom's opinion -
Autumn: her new book from Bella, Arthur's Word Book
Kya: Cat in the Hat)

Favorite item of clothing:
Autumn: the very old and very stained, Mickey Mouse shirt Ms Kimberly gave to Kya for Kya's 1st birthday
Kya: her Owl shirt with her blue jean shorts

What makes you happy?:
Autumn: "When I tickle Lily Bug" (her baby sister). "When I hug my mom and kiss my mom, when our family eats together" (which we do every night). Okay these blew me away. How very sweet. I had no idea.
Kya: Going to see Meema, being at Disney and staying at a hotel (the hotel she loves because she can sleep in the same room as mom and dad)

What makes you sad?:
Autumn: When I am in trouble for not staying in my bed at night and "when mommy hugs daddy instead of me"
Kya: Leaving my Meema, when Mom or Dad leave the house

That was fun!!!! And revealing.

Now it is our turn to pass on the fun. We tag Abby and Jadyn (and Tiff too if she wants!) and also Joel and Hope.

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