Monday, August 4, 2008

Kya's Favorite Things

A while back, the girls and I spent a morning taking pictures of our favorite things. It took me some time to get them all on the computer and get the actual post completed. But, here is Kya's list of favorite things: (She took everyone of these pictures totally by herself and made her own decisions of what to shoot without any prompting or suggesting from Mom.

She first chose her family, that is an obvious one, and I didn't feel the need to post the morning pictures she took of us, so I have skipped posting them.

The very next thing she chose was her Daddy's guitar, because they spend countless hours singing, playing and dancing with the help of that guitar.

The other pictures are in no particular order.

These are the butterflies (supposedly) handmade in Guangzhou, China that we purchased in 2004 on her adoption trip.

Her Princess Wand

Her bed, the top bunk.
This is 2 of her favorite things: Her Sand Dollars and Her Bean Bag Chair. (Of course, I had to take this one for her but I was instructed where to stand and how I was supposed to keep taking the pictures until she got just the one she wanted.)

Her Computer.

Frosty, our dog.

All her bath toys, they spend large amounts of time playing in the bathtub.

And, finally her new Hopscotch Tinker Bell Rug.

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