Thursday, September 18, 2008

Diaper Days Update

It's been over a month since we switched to cloth diapers. The switch was slow because I didn't want to order a bunch at once and not like them. But now I have all the diapers we need for 2 babies, to last for 2 days. I must say, cloth diapering is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy!!!! There is not much to it at all and I don't know why I didn't switch a long time ago.

We are officially 100% on cloth diapers but the night time diapering was tough. The first several weeks both babies leaked at night and it seemed to be getting worse, not better. So for a few weeks we used disposables at night. And, my friend Kimberly, had told me once to use 2 disposable diapers at night on heavy wetters. So Aaron was doubled up and that worked great. No leaks. So if you are suffering from night time leaks, this method works very well.

A great big THANK YOU to my friend Courtney!!! She blessed us hugely with some diapers she was not using. She gave us a bag full of prefolds and I had not ever tried them before. They are GREAT! Lily is mostly wearing those full time now. But, they are our Nighttime Solution!!! Woo Hoo!!!! If you have a heavy night wetter, here is what's working. I take a Thirsies brand AIO dipe, lay a prefold down on it and Wa-La! Niether of my babies has leaked through. THANK YOU COURTNEY!!!

Thank You Graphics

As far as my favorite AOI dipe , it is the Primm N Proper Baby dipe, from Meaghan. She is a WAHM in Spokane and she does great quality work. I was able to get Thirsties on sale twice and so I have a nice stock of them and suppliment with those when all the Primm's are used up. To me they both work equally well but the Primm's are better made, have better velcro and are much trimmer than the other dipes we have. So they get a 5 star and Thirsties gets a 4 star simply because they are not as trim and the velcro is not as strong.

I hope this helps somebody out there trying to decide which cloth diapers to buy and if you can do it or not.
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