Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Diapering Solutions

For those of you searching for some cloth diaper help, I wanted to post some things that are working very well for us and seem to be cost saving. (1) has to do with wipes (2) wipes solutions and (3) washing instruction help (4) a diaper bin solution

I wanted to switch but since I'm in my last year of diapering babies, didn't want to keep spending too much money. You can sew some cheaply, if that is your thing. But, for me, what worked GREAT is Gerber Baby Wash Cloths. You can get a 6 pack at Walmart for just about $3. I bought 4 packs for a total of 24 wipes. When you are wiping the baby, you just throw these in with the diaper and wash them with the diapers. Once clean, just fold them in 1/2 and store in an old disposable wipes container.

Oh! I fretted over this one. I wanted to purchase a solution. It's so easy. You mix a bit with water and you're set to go. BUT, again, I was getting all antsy about the amount of money being spent. So I searched for a homemade solution and there are many out there to choose from. Here is what I settled on this time and it's working out wonderfully:
2 1/2 cups of filtered water
1/2 cup Witch Hazel
1 TBSP of Olive Oil
3 to 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil
3 to 4 drops of Lavender
Stir together and microwave for 30 seconds if you want. The oil does not mix, but you can get it into small beads in less than 1 minute of stirring.
Immediately pour over the wipes in the wipe box and squeeze it through all the wipes. The entire process took less than 5 minutes.

I use this on Hemp diapers, Thirsties AIO, Primm's AIO and prefolds.
Again, I wanted an inexpensive, non-mail ordered, effective detergent. I settled on and very much like Arm & Hammer Essientials FREE. It works and I am happy with it! It's about $8 for an 80oz bottle. I have washed daily for 6 weeks and it's still half full.

*Turn soiled diapers upside down over the toilet and flush the loose particals.
*Keep a large baking soda by the diaper bin and sprinkle a little baking soda in the soiled dipes.

Express/Short Wash (rinses the dirties off)
-Largest Load Water Setting
-Cold Water Only
-Fill detergent lid to the #3
-Sprinkle about 1/4 to 1/2 cup baking soda in with the detergent

Gentlest Cycle Wash with a 2nd rinse
-Largest Load Water Setting
-Water Temp on my washer is Hot/Cold
-No detergent or baking soda, just the water
(This will wash them in Hot and rinse them in cold. If you do not have the option like this, then simply wash on HOT or WARM. Then do another very short cycle or a rinse cycle on cold.) You can put a squirt of Lime Juice in this cycle if you think you need it but a month later, I still don't.

I like to dry mine in the dryer most times. But I also love the bleaching effect of the sun. So if there is any stains at all, no matter how small, I leave them out in the sun all day. And from time to time I put them all out in the sun. I want them to stay as clean, fresh and new as possible. Then I soften them up with a short dryer cycle.

Another big thanks to Courtney for telling me about this cost saving solution.
*I bought a $5 (blue) LAUNDRY BAG at Walmart (in the ironing board aisle.)(I wash the laundry bag right side out, in the wash with the dipes.)
*I also bought (in the trash can aisle) a white $8 trash bin, that has a lid with handles that fold over on both sides to tightly close the lid. I put the bag in the bin so the stinkies of the diaper do not filtrate into the plastic of the bin. I don't pull the draw string. I just fold the laundry bag over and close the bin up.
*And, finally, in the air freshner isle, I bought a stick-on round disk from Arm & Hammer that is supposed to be used in the fridge but I placed it in my diaper bin.
*In addition, I have always had a wall hanging Lysol air freshner in the laundry room, so I push the spray button whenever I open the lid to the pail, just to get an odor out of the air. I don't know if this is necessary but I don't have any odor in the laundry room.

Again, I hope this helps someone with FRUGAL DIAPERING. :-)

Be Blessed.

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