Friday, February 20, 2009

Daybook Entry

For Today...February 20th

Outside my window... Florida winter still, a breeze, cool 50's and sunshine in the afternoon, paradise

I am thinking... that as tired as I am, I love my quiet mornings with the Lord

From the learning rooms... My Father's World...we just love this curriculum. It has truly blessed my entire family with the sweet way it teaches our children and the fun it gives us in experiments. I also learned these past few weeks to just slow down! Training my children with peace is so much better than driving them crazy to be Einstein's. (And it's Friday, so it's science day!)

I am thankful for... the love of my life (my husband) and the lover my my soul (my Lord). I am also thankful the peace the Lord is teaching me even in uncertain times.

From the kitchen... still unsure on this way, it's just about breakfast time though and if it were up to my four children, it would always include fruit

I am wearing... nightgown, robe and house shoes (for just a little longer since on Friday's we have no place to be)

I am reading... Esther, It's Tough Being a Woman. It's a 10 week Bible Study at my Church

I am hoping... (same as the last few weeks, but God's timing is almost upon us and I won't give up on my Lord's timing) that my husband finds work this week and that we continue to grow in the Lord through this time of refinement.

I am creating... a cleaner home. I have been dedicating more time to this a bit every day instead of trying to cram it mostly all in one day.

I am hearing...the babies wake up and giggle at each other across their bedroom. They yell at the other one to wake them up and then they both pretend their bed is a trampoline and giggle and fall, giggle and fall, repeat over and over (it's very cute, but not very quiet anymore).

Around the house... the still-quiet of the morning is starting to break as each my children emerge slowly from their beds and the sun sets higher in the sky

One of my favorite things...reading and writing about simplicity

A few plans for the rest of the week... it's now almost the weekend, and we are having a dinner with some beautiful friends on Saturday. I can't wait!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

~ Sweet Surrender to the Moment ~

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