Thursday, April 2, 2009

All in A Week

I always wonder what keeps me so busy that I don't get all my task list completed in a day or even a week. Here's a little photo journal off all that has happened in our house, in just a week.

Our week started out with our prized finding of the week. Haven't you always wanted to know how the Chinese eat Cheerios? Kya, a brilliant child figured it out. She got her genes from me I guess or maybe it was that she was born in China...hmmmmm...I'm still trying to figure that out....oh, well, at least we know how the Chinese eat Cheerios now and so do you! Give it a try. You just might drop a jean size without Special K.

Digging holes in the yard with kitchen spoons has become a favorite pasttime of our now (and temporarily) "unschooled" children.

Ganging up on dad is always lots of fun for any little one.

Roasting marshmallows in the new fireplace...ahhhhhh, what fun!!!

Somebody (is that a boy in there?) needed a few hairs cut.

But that somebody wasn't all too happy when the event actually occured. Poor baby. But oh what a cute face to see again after all these months of hiding behind long hair.

And, then he stole my heart even more. He cleaned! Yes, at 20 months old, he likes to clean!
Did I tell you I'm in love?!

And what little girl doesn't steel daddy's heart when she wants to learn how to use power tools?!

Snuggle time in the morning watching our new Christian cartoons on TBN, is another new favorite around here. Something about learning the Fruits of the Spirit doesn't make me cringe when they watch TV now.

And finally to top off the week,
just before Friday hits,
you gotta have Thankful Thursday S'mores!

and may your week be so full of such sweet moments that your to-do list also goes unfinished...for a very long time.

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