Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meet Lucy

Our Foster Dog......

Today we went to the county rescue and met this sweet little girl. She, and a few other poodles, were taken to the rescue last week by a breeder whom was no longer going to breed them. Lucy is 5 years old and is in need of being socialized and needs lots of sweet love, hugs and kisses.

Since we were not ready to commit to a dog on a permanent basis, the rescue allowed us to foster her. She was called by a different name but they said she didn't know her name. We chose Lucy and she will be with us for about 2 weeks (or forever if all goes well).

The kids are so happy to be doggy-babysitters.

She is oh, so very sweet so far....along with a little dirty and a little smelly.


I am leaving this post as a WARNING to anyone else that might like to adopt a rescue dog. If you have children DO NOT rescue/adopt/foster a dog that was previously a breeding dog. Lucy was very sweet to the adults in the house but after 2 1/2 days bit 3 of my 4 children. We later found out this was a repeated pattern in dogs that had been used for breeding. These dogs do need to be rescued. They had a horrible life but they need adult only homes. They cannot adjust to the affection of kids and become aggressive with them. Little Lucy had to go back to the rescue 3 days later for the safety of my children whom she continued to growl and snap at.

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