Sunday, May 17, 2009

Before you get a Guinea Pig

Make sure you do your research and that you are ready. They are not like hamsters. They do require a bit more DAILY work. Here are some things I did not know.

1. The litter goes in the bottom of the cage. You must clean up the messes daily.
2. They get scurvy pretty easy so you must give them Vitamin C supplement's.
3. Their front teeth never stop growing. You must give them wood chips to chew on to keep the teeth filed.
4. They do not play with toys. They only want to play with you and be socialized daily.
5. They love to snuggle with you.
6. They eat regular Guinea Pig food but for digestion they require daily doses of special hay.
7. If they get sick, you must take them to a vet.


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