Saturday, May 16, 2009

Patches & Little Popcorn

Guess who came home today?

Meet Patches


Little Popcorn

Two very sweet guinea pigs for two very sweet little girls whom have been begging for a pet of their own.

~Today was the big day we had planned for 2 weeks now. The girls woke up screaming "It's guinea pig day!!!" Each of them was going to pick out their very own guinea pig. At the first store we went to, they had 2 sweet 10 week old babies. From their Autumn fell in love with Patches, who has one pink ear and one blackish ear. So cute. But Kya could not warm up to the other baby because it was just too skittish. We adopted Patches, bought all the supplies and left for another pet store where Kya found her special pet, Little Popcorn whom is a few weeks older than Patches. I am glad that Kya didn't settle because Little Popcorn is perfect for her. Both of the girls are happy and content and the guineas are so sweet and so cute. ~


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