Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Adoption FundRaiser

Our 7 year old daughter, Kya, drew the design for our fundraiser t-shirt.

We are heading back to China for our 5th adoption and this time, well, we just don't have all the money that is needed for the $23,000 mission. We need to raise $10,000 of the funds. ...Seriously!...We have no back up plan. We must fully rely on God to multiply our efforts. We truly beleive he wants to use this adoption and these fund raising efforts to show others that lack of funds should not stop us from adopting. That children are a blessing from the Lord and He will bless us, bless you, if we just have faith.

So, with our Faith, Hope & Love t-shirts
(The Greatest of these is Love

Will you please be part of the miracle of adoption?

Order by May 22nd for the discount price of $18.



Please repost on your FB page and email to your friends/family to help bring JOY TO THE LORD!!

Payments can be made through our ChipIn acct on the sidebar of our blog THEN email size/# of tees with your address to dawn.clark@me.com

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