Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a March!!

WOW!!!! That is one word that sums up the month of March for our family.

I had the honor of being baptized by my husband and our pastor. I was baptized as a child and brought up in the Lord but I was an adult when I truly decided that HE was MY Lord, so I was humbled to participate in Believers Baptism. 34 others were baptized this day along with my dearest friends 6yr old daughter. What a day! It was beautiful!

Dale turned 48! Happy Birthday my love. I promise the lasagna is still going to be made in a belated celebration.

We celebrated Autumn's 3rd Adoption Day Anniversary. We love you so very much baby girl! You are a crazy woman and keep us on our toes, but you are such a huge blessing.

Dale got a job!!!!! A long term contract with a great company.

But that job made us leave all those we love dearly and move to Maryland. I have not posted because we have been so busy and because my heart has been broken. I am leaning on the Lord to restore my broken heart. It's so bitter sweet. I love that Dale is working. I love that our home here is wonderful. I hate that everyone that is so dear to me is (literally) 1000 miles away now.

But here is what all my friends have been asking for, pictures of our life in Maryland! It's not a tropical paradise, but it is very pretty here.

Our 3rd night here, this family of 6 deer were grazing in our back yard.

The kids and I went on a picnic at a park that was seperated from a golf course by a pond. It was small but very pretty.

Then today, our first Saturday here, the deer showed back up again. Only 5 this time. This photo was taken by me inside our glass slider door.

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Anonymous said...

The Baptism looks amazing.

The pics are beautiful.

I so understand about the broken heart. I feel the same. I miss home SO Much.